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1. How do I buy my name?

We can buy your name for you or you can buy it yourself (in either case you will own your name). The cost for your domain name is $14.50/year.

2. What if someone already owns my name?

In that case just chose a variation of your name or add inc. to the end, examples could be yournameinc.com, yournamerealestate.com, yournamelistings.com, yournamehomes.com, etc.

3. Do I have full ownership rights over my name?

Yes! And you can use it for any purpose you want. We are just offering you a service to easily and professionally create a web site that might be hard for you to do on your own.

4. How long do it take to get everything set up?

We can have your entire web site setup in just a couple of days as long as you provide the necessary information.

5. Do I get any e-mail accounts?

Yes, you get your own e-mail at your domain (example: you@yourdomain.com). Your account comes with an unlimited number of POP e-mail accounts, which means that you can have different prefixes at the beginning of your address such as name2@yourdomain.com).

6. How much is my monthly hosting fee?

That depends on the plan you select, our basic hosting package is $19.95/month.

7. Do I have to sign a contract?

No, our service runs month to month. Value, superior quality, abundant features and ease of use will keep you satisfied.

8. Do I have to re-enter all my listing information?

No, sites are designed to work with your Realtor.com Listings or your local MLS. So there is no need to enter all the information again.

9. What if I don't have any listings yet?

Instead of the my listings button we can temporarily replace it with an office listings button that will help both you and your office sell current inventory.

10. What if I want to change something on my site?

Most of the information on your web site can be changed by you through your online control center. You can change home page information, background items, credentials, accomplishments, specialties, contact info, etc. We can change other items at a very reasonable cost, we will give you a qoute before we proceed.

11. What if I switch offices or companies?

No problem, we can just change the graphics for your site. The redesign can be all handled in a few hours.