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Database setup and management

Database driven websites are helpful for running any business. Databases can be used for online stores, informational sites, membership sites, virtually any site that uses anything but the smallest amount of data. With the right database application your business will be more efficient and productive. We pay special attention to your business setup, the level of computerization you currently have, your staff computer experience and your network design.


Today, millions of Web sites use MySQL for dynamic content, e-commerce, logging, authorization and more. Gorilla Interactive offers complete MySql database development service to small business and medium sized enterprises.

Microsoft Access

We can also create databases using Microsoft Access. It has great flexibility, and added power with its sophisticated features, such as table linking, relationships, queries and SQL support, forms, reporting capabilities, macros and its built in programming language; VBA (Visual Basic for Applications). Also it has a powerful engine to handle network installations, password protection and multi-level user permissions. Microsoft Access is also supported on most Web hosting services when you need your database to be setup for the Web.