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Gorilla Interactive is now designing sites with the latest web design standards. The benefits of CSS are listed below:

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Cascading style sheets (CSS) is a language like HTML, and gives web designers powerful tools for controlling the visual presentation of documents on the Web. CSS helps to separate content and structure from presentation and layout, which also helps create documents that load faster and are easier to maintain and update. Content can be changed independently of formatting because presentation and layout are handled in CSS. This means you can also change presentation and layout on hundreds or even thousands of pages at once by changing the external style sheet to which those pages are linked. The important benefits for accessibility include offering users a choice of styles without having to modify the source document, and the ability to easily verify that the source documents work with assistive technologies before applying any styles at all.

  • Easier to make site-wide changes: One css file rather than all pages
  • Smaller files/faster download: Less code on the page
  • Easier to code: Less code on the page
  • Allows users to customize to their own needs: Style switchers
  • More control over code: Can deliver code in preferred order for screen readers
  • Files are more accessible to wider variety of mediums: We can build one page, but write separate css files to suit particular mediums like hand-held devices, web tv, printers etc.